A Religious Message: Via Street Art

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Street art is the perfect opportunity to display social issues and attitudes to a wide audience who will pass by it every day. It’s like a constant message being pushed in the nation’s heads. Many street artists take this huge opportunity to project a religious message onto the passing public, with the recent disputes between religion and the recent wars in the past 100 years, there hasn’t been a better time to display religious street art.

A Buddhist Message: Via Tysen Knight

Tysen has created works based on Buddha’s teachings, mainly taking a modern twist on the stereotypical ideas of Buddhism. In most of his pieces, the Buddha is holding up a peace sign – and of course, peace is something that is heavily focused on throughout Buddhism, but Tysen takes this modern twist by adding the light-hearted gesture into his works.

This implies that although our society has come a long way with regards to politics and religion, were still wanting world peace, our core values as humans still remain and I really feel like Tysen proves this throughout his religious work.

A Religious Message: Via Combo

The rather clever play on symbols from combo opens the minds of its audience, and lets us question, are we really existing morally as humans? How can we further accept the range of religions in our world? It makes us reflect on, regardless of the range of religions in our society, we are all living together in one world. We begin to recognize that wars are so unnecessary when we look at this artwork, no symbol is displayed higher than another, proving we are all equal in our beliefs. We all co-exist together in one world, no matter what religion you follow.

This matter is highly controversial, especially towards the religion of Islam, which is why combo has also added the sticker of the Muslim man to the left. It’s almost as if the man has created this piece or is delivering the message. Could it be combo himself?

A Christian Message: Via Zabou

Zabou is a well-known street artist, who focuses on social issues such as war and religious disputes.

The photo shown below, is a conventional wall in the streets of London, with the message of religion being portrayed through art amongst the people. The spray can on Mary’s chest signifies that Zabou is a firm believer in Christianity, and is proud to display that in his art.

Another thing that you may notice upon viewing this work, is that both Mary and Jesus have masks over their mouth and nose (Commonly used by street artists, to prevent them from breathing fumes), which creates them both as the artist. Not only do they produce art with good messages they spread, but live in every one of us. Every bit of creative expression is due to religion according to this photo, as it is primarily responsible for the beautiful pieces we produce.