Helping Entrepreneurs Means Creating Entrepreneurs

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This is what Kris Roglieri, a New York financier believes in. Born in 1976, Kris is one of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the US who is not only focused on creating growth opportunities in the commercial finance industry but also believes in creating entrepreneurs. He has been doing what he is best for more than two decades. He is the founder of highly successful national finance companies, which are said to finance more than $300 million loans in a year.

He is passionate about his work which has led him to creating companies that are not only successful but also prove that Kris is definitely reshaping the commercial financing industry. Kris understands the demands of the business because he has led an entrepreneurial journey for quite some time. Kris decided to get into business in 1994 when he left from a regional bank in Upstate New York due to a merger. Let’s take a look at his companies and his purpose behind each one of them.

1. Prime Commercial Landing

Kris founded Prime Commercial Landing in Albany, NY. The company offers a varied range of commercial financing products to business owners and commercial real estate investors in the country. As the business grew, he acquired a local finance company and opened a second office in Atlanta, GA. Since then, Prime Commercial Landing has expanded, opening offices in New York City, Rochester, and Orlando, FL. Prime Commercial Landing is offering custom finance solutions beyond those of traditional banks.

2. Durham Commercial Capital

Kris co-founded Durham Commercial Capital which is headquartered in Rochester, NY. Durham Commercial Capital is a specialized national non-recourse factoring company for transactions up to $1.5 million. It is a self-funded lending institution and does not borrow their capital base from banks or any other financial institutions. Now this is certainly what Kris will be proud about.

3. Commercial Capital Training Group

Kris is the founder of Commercial Capital Training Group, which is a commercial loan broker training program that allows individuals to walk away with their very own commercial finance business once the training is completed. This program specializes in providing education and training to current or imminent commercial loan brokers, so they can easily enter and prevail in this lucrative industry. This training focuses on creating a new breed of commercial consultants in the marketplace. Once you are a graduate of Commercial Capital Training Group, your financial services business will be able to offer commercial loans from $5,000 to $500,000,000 or more to real estate investors and businesses of all sizes, credits, and industries.

4. The Finance Marketing Group

This is a specialized digital marketing agency that understands the minutiae of the banking, commercial finance and financial services industry. It is one of a kind digital marketing agency that caters to the marketing needs of banks, financial service companies and commercial finance lenders and brokers.

Kris had also launched an online fragrance company in 2001, which he sold to a publically traded company in 2006. The company sold more than 10,000 products online before it was sold.

Kris is involved in everyday operations of both the finance companies as well as Commercial Capital Training Group. He has been featured on reputed news outlets such as Entrepreneur magazine, Forbes magazine, and Fox Business News. Along with looking into his companies, he is also a contributor to Bloomberg.