Is Christianity Really Coming to an End?

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With the progression of times has come the regression of many things, one of them being religion. Where there were millions or billions of people around the globe that were devoted to their religion of choice, it is rather evident that the tables have turned as more and more people are noticeably drifting further away from religion – specifically, Christianity. However, is Christianity really coming to an end and is the end of times really that close, read on to find out more.

Conspiracy Theorists Believe So

When it comes to the subject of whether religion or Christianity in particular, is coming to an end or not, there's no better person to hear out than conspiracy theorist Sheila Zilinsky. Sheila Zilinsky is a Canadian author, speaker, and syndicated conservative talk show host whos been featured on Christian TV. She is also known as The Weekend Vigilante, with a large social media following and has been featured on TopAlltime Conspiracies.

Just recently, Zilinsky did an entire show on how Christianity is coming to an end or at least the fact that many people are turning away from it on a day to day business. However, there's also talk about this being the work of the devil with a lesser part of it being the person's fault. Many theorists strongly believe that the devil, or Satan, is in full spring and is doing everything that He can in order to ensure that He will be able to challenge God the way he claimed to.

However, logically speaking, the main reason why people are drifting away from religion is also that they are misinformed or just not educating properly on the subject. In either case, it is truly depressing to see at what rate people are turning away from something that is a depiction of the beginning of times in the purest of forms.

What Can Be Done About It?

While there are many people who are ready to sit and jot downs lists of what someone else’s sins might be in the eye of God, there aren’t a lot of people who would take the time to help someone out instead. In order to bring back religion and make it stronger than before, one must learn to deal with not just patience, but love, care and admiration as well. Fact of the matter is that many young kids turn away from religion either because of peer pressure or because religion is literally shoved down their throats, causing them to feel suppressed which can be suffocating.

Many people also do not let others voice concerns or ask questions about sensitive things. Religion is one such matter. Thus, in order to ensure that this will not be the end of religion, one must ensure that they do their own part and offer assistance to those in need but to also look away and refrain from pointing fingers at the ones who may disagree with them in the long run.